First time out disconnections

Hi guys
Took Mav out for the first time this evening and although I really enjoyed it when it worked, it kept disconnecting. It happened quite a few times on the ground in front of me and happened twice in flight ! Scary stuff ! Had to RTH both times. I saved a screenshot of how far away it was. Any ideas why it kept happening ?

I had to turn it off and back on again to get it to connect again. One time it suddenly connected by itself tho. Makes me very cautious to fly again

On a brighter note I managed to get some footage and edit it in the DJI app

Dodgy cable at a guess mate!

Power the drone up on the floor (perhaps it’s props-off), then wiggle or move the USB cable at both ends - see if it disconnects then?

I’ve seen sooooo many seemingly good cables turn out to be naff :frowning:

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I used the lightning cable out of the box

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Sorry, just noticed you mentioned the distance away when it disconnected - was this simply a signal issue?

(Or lack thereof)


What would interfere with the signal ? The remote connects to the drone by occusync doesn’t it, what would cause that to drop out ?


I clearly need glasses…

OK, my money is most definitely on a dodgy USB connection!

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Ah so I only lost connection to the app ? I’m sure the controller still had data on it. I’m my panic I just hit RTH

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It looks like the app disconnected from the RC … not the RC disconnecting from the MP.

This shows the RC was connected to the MP OK.

At least you did the “test the RTH” bit I mentioned the other day … :wink:

Yeah that bit was great ! I was praying to the drone gods :pray:t2::pray:t2:

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On my first ever, tentative flight, aircraft suddenly disconnected. Being a noobie, which I still am! it took me a while to work out what was happening. However, aircraft RTH automatically which was both impressive and comforting. I was a bit concerned but rebooted everything including the whole phone, and so far no more.

Video: excuse first-flight-ever nerves, we didn’t go very far that day! This was on an isolated new office estate on a Sunday. It was empty and closed.

@greenarmy1978 John, dont be afraid to close the app mid air and open it again. Your drone will stay where you left it, I do this quite often when switching between GO, Litchi and Hangar.

Its also good practice to fly on just the remote, thats if you can see the drone ;o)

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Thanks guys, it’s great to know I have you all to call upon in my newbie moments of need :raised_hands:t2:.

Having experienced the disconnections, now I know not to panic, and that I just need to restart the app. The drone was fine and was still recording video etc. I know now to check all the reading and signal on the remote to make sure everything is fine then restart the app. I honestly for a second thought the drone was going to fall from the sky :joy:.
Next time I will compose myself and be calm instead of hitting RTH straight away !

If there’s a usb cable connection issue … which I think you’ll find is the real problem … restarting the app won’t correct this.
There should be no “disconnections”. I never have any.
Some people find they have fewer problems using a cable into the USB on the near-face of the RC, under your phone, rather than the default micro-usb on the left.
If you try this, remember to disconnect the default cable from the micro-usb. If this is still connected, the larger USB underneath will not work.

Thanks Dave. Is it common for DJI’s stock USB - Lightning connector cable to be faulty ?

I wouldn’t say “common” … but I have seen people ditch it in favour of using the other usb port.
I’m on Android (so can’t fully comment on Lightning cables), and the only problem I did have was the micro-usb on the old phone I was using when I first got the MP. A new phone … and I’ve not had a problem since.

I think those semi-built in cables on the side of the remote are bloody awful! Too cheaply made.

As Dave suggested, try a ‘proper’ USB cable in to the bottom port on the controller - using that port, I too have never had a single disconnect :+1:

I still use the side one. :wink:
For me, lots of trekking, etc, it’s one less thing to ensure I’ve remembered to take with me and, as I say, never had an issue that was a fault of the cable.

Edit: Fundamentally, though, micro-usb aren’t that robust. One has to use with care at all times for them not to get loose and cause problems.
Usually been the first thing to be faulty on several phones, iffy data being first and then charging.