First time pilot

Hi all…
From Plymouth

Hi there and welcome to GADC! :slight_smile:

Hi LonieJr, What you flying?

welcome aboard…

Thank… excited but slightly scary…

I’m flying an inspire 2 with a x5s camera

Very posh

Oh and welcome pull up a chair and smell the coffee

Someone say coffee ??? :wink:

No it is coffee your getting mixed up with BS. :wink:

Well… mid life crisis… I’m a film editor of 30 years …
And I figured with my contacts in the business … I thought I would try something new… I’ve flown small quads but nothing on this scale… a bit nervous at the moment.

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Hi @LonieJr and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Great choice of drone!

We’ve a few Inspire owners here so don’t be afraid to ask questions :+1: