First time proper flight


I EVENTUALLY experienced the first proper flight couple of days ago. Great moment after a few hick-ups. Simple photo but do I get a ‘No Longer a Virgin’ badge ??? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


With that colour - a Cherry Popping badge might be more relevant. :rofl:


Great to see you got it up Rob ! (so to speak!)
never seen a Virgin fly?, can someone call Branson to verify this please ?


That cracked me up Ozone Vibe, good one! :laughing:


HA HA ! Sunday morning wit Chris! :sunglasses:


Main thing is DID YOU ENJOY IT?


I bet he joined the “Buttock Clencher” brigade at the time.
(He took home a one pound pack of cracked walnuts for the Wife!!.)


It would be interesting to put a heart rate monitor on first time flyers?.
Bet you would get some interesting results.


I wont lie Sparkman, it was BRILLIANT !! & did the ‘sport’ mode for the first time. Bloomin Enry that little Air has got some beans! :+1:


Nope! no clenching Chris! I was in biker mode - - - - -fearless ! ( ish ) :wink:


I feel the need…the need for speed !


At what number of flights do we become a Flying slut and if you have a pfco and charge customers are we then a flying prostitute and the CAA our pimp?