First true flight

The second farmer I asked for a fallow field to practice my drone flying said yes! So off I go. The field is mahoosive with 2 large trees and a load of manure and lots of 20mm diameter stubble about 300mm long. Chilly breeze but the sun was out.
Things I learnt:

  1. Hold the controller differently.(I kept hitting the photo button).
  2. Make sure my tablet is on max brightness cos I couldn’t see the screen very well for the 1st battery.
  3. It’s damn hard to coordinate.
  4. 1st hand catch on the 2nd battery. Took off from my tablet box with 1st battery, and cos I couldn’t see the screen, had to do RTH and it didn’t land on the box…surprise!
  5. Don’t set the yaw too low…it’ll use the battery up doing a 360. lol
  6. Looks like I got hours and hours of practice to come.
    Most of all tho’, it makes you appreciate how good others are at getting smooth footage.

Just a footnote…I rang Warner Holidays about drone flying at their premises and was told it was down to the individual centre. I will update any info I receive.


Photos or video to share with the class?

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Don’t hand catch that will you?

Have not looked yet. Walked down 1 side of the field and back and was knackered, think I need a new hip :hot_face:

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In my hooligan days I once had to pick my spot on a motorcycle, too fast for the road, and yep…it was a big pile of shite.


Been their, done that got the scars(badge). Stopped riding ten years ago but even up till then I used to get back from a blast and think “f**k, did I really get away with that”.


Yep 10 years for me too.

I can also relate to the last part.

In 2010 I worked 40 miles away and had an RF900 unrestricted. One beautiful August morning decided to give it the beans on a dual carriageway …nothing in front of me. Didn’t see the cop hiding and he clocked me @ 110mph. Couldn’t tell him I was doing 150mph could I? Anyway, told him I’ve only been there 6 weeks and he gave me a ticket for 98mph!

Just looked and nothing worthy of note. Gimbal too fast, yaw too fast and pitch too fast. Getting used to the controls was my main objective and I don’t see the point of posting anything less than half decent anyway. I wish Ian in London had posted his YT vid yesterday! lol

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Sounds like my first flight about 1 year ago… and I still need practice! That chilly breeze really make accurate control a challenge. Its pity we weren’t able to see the images or video that resulted.


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