First video collage clip. Tried to keep it short
My first video post filmed with the Mini 2 since early November.
All clips were taken near home or at work.


Very nice footage nice and smooth.

Stunning footage, nice area you live in by the looks of it. Props if you’re new to flying because those close fly-bys of trees would make me pretty nervous lol. The footage seems very sharp, sharper than mine in fact, and I am using an Inspire 1 with X5. Is the Mini 2 camera better?

Great footage Stuart :+1: loved the flight over the cemetery, looked stunning. I did think you were going to hit the trees though at 1:15 :+1: :grinning:

Nice footage Stuart revers shot coming under the bridge would of been sweet :+1:t3:

Thank You. i nearly always use Cine mode. Steady on like my driving.

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Thank You. I look carefully at the drone and not the screen. I have heard that some people regard the footage as too sharp making it a little less cinematic Camera has a small sensor so the dynamic range must be compromised …
The small size of the drone makes it a lot easier to fly close to things.
Relatively inexpensive too.

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Thank You. I was watching the drone rather than the screen. I have got used to flying closer to objects now. You Tube seems to degrade the footage a bit as things look better on my TV.
I did hit a few things with the original mini 1.

Thank You. Trying to muster up the courage to get a clean pass under the bridge.
I have practised in the garden but not over water.
The mini must be the easiest drone for getting close.

I hear you brother, flying over water is butt clenching enough without throwing a bridge into the mix …

Some lovely shots, especially of the canal.

I’m intrigued by the millitary cemetery. Which one is it?

Thank You. German Military Cemetery on Cannock Chase.

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There are two plots. The Commonwealth War Graves Plot which features many German graves and the German cemetery which is looked after by War Graves staff.

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Many thanks for the information Stu.

Very nice, smoooooooooooth!


10 out of 10 well done

Many thanks