First video - The Thames at Culham at dawn

A first video from me, I got my mini 1 at Christmas and due to lockdown have not had much flying. Took her out at dawn this morning for a flight around Culham in South Oxfordshire, over the Thames. I’d love for some feedback from those more experienced on here. I know the sky is a bit washed out and the slight yaw turn at the end is a bit rushed and jumpy (I slowed it down in post to improve it a bit).


For a first that’s quite good :+1:

Great first video :+1: I love slow flights over misty water. Were you not tempted to fly under the bridge arches?

Fantastic first video Paul, beautiful location and super smooth flying. :ok_hand:
Nice transitions and music. :+1:

I had my heart in my mouth just flying over the water this time, so I wasn’t tempted to fly under the bridge arches! Maybe when I have a bit more flight confidence and the chances of the drone making a splash in the river are smaller I’ll give it a go!

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A rather pleasant video!

This also adds the Misty Moments Badge to your profile. :+1:

Good stuff mate music fits well :+1:t3:

Enjoyed that ,very nice
Good for a first go.