First video using Litchi

Not on my main YT channel yet but this is the first video I’ve put together using Litchi. The Litchi parts are the clips from 0.40 to 2.10, it’s an awesome tool.

I intend to put together a time lapse video over the next 3 years the shows the building rising out the ground splicing clips together using the same missions every month or so. :slight



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Great use of Litchi :+1:

I bought it in the black friday sales, ashamed to say due to work, weather, etc I’ve not even opened the app yet :cry:

Litchi is much better than Go4, sadly it wont run on the crystalsky without some jiggery pokery.

My CS has been jiggery pokered, it runs Litchi no problem.

You have to use an early version of Litchi, 4.0.2 but I hear that the latest beta version which I’m running on my Note 8 may work, will give that a go over the weekend…