Fishery Creek, Hayling Island

My backyard.


Great 360 pano Rob :+1:t2: Is that you and Dogzilla just along the edge of the shore?
Which of your many drones did you use for this shot?

She was very good. Only tried to catch the drone once.

This was shot with my go-to drone, the smallest! Mavic Air. I can carry the Air in its Peli case with six batteries, a take off pad, a 10" tablet, mount and hood in a small, shoulder slung toolbag.

I have a backpack for a Phantom which is manageable, a backpack for an Inspire which needs either a sherpa for the hills or a Royal Marine when yomping to a take-off point.

The Droids and the Multikopter - large hard cases and definitely a car, preferably four-wheel-drive, to get to location.


The same area fifteen minutes before official sunset


Haha yeah I can imagine lugging an Inspire with all the kit around must be a ball ache. They look like amazing bits of kit though

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