Fist time flyer

Well guys and girls wish me luck as I’m off to fly my drone for the first time just hoping she comes back in one piece :grimacing:


Hope all ok Ted.
Let us know how you get on

same ted looking forward to seeing results

Good luck Ted you will be fine, just stay calm.

Did she…?

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Yes she did Tom thanks for asking but saying that I almost lost here as I forget to calibrate my spark I did everything else but forgot the most important thing of calibrating her guess that’s what u get for being to eager


I’ve had my Mavic 2 Pro since September and due to a lack of time and poor weather its never been in the air. Now I have some time and the weather persistently wet. Biggest problem though is a complete lack of confidence in my ability to fly the thing.

I no that feeling buddy I was the same with my two drones only thing I can suggest is watch plenty of YouTube clips on how to operate your drone properly and safely and when the weather gets better find a big open field with no obstructions and put everything u have seen into practice and tack your time just do simple stuff like take off and landing going forwards and backwards and going from side to side hope this helps

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Thanks for that. I have plenty of large open spaces within easy reach, just need the rain to stop now

Oh and don’t forget to calibrate it before you take to the sky coz I did and almost lost my drone as my GPS failed and it when into atti mode so what ever u do calibrate it and also calibrate your imu to be on the safe side

Megalot, with the M2P don’t worry!. it pretty much flies itself. just don’t get too eager and zoom off,

stay close and get used to it slowly

just make sure you have calibrated and updated software before you leave the house.

then in a middle of a field do the compass calibration. good to go.

anyone told you about manual take off and landing?

Thanks Ted & Lee

I’ve watched a lot of stuff on YouTube which has helped & I had a P4 previously (although never got to fly it much). Ive seen some stuff about manual take off, is there anything special I need to know.

Thanks again

I bought one of these to familiarise myself with the controls by flying indoors

A20 Mini drone

It helped a lot.

Not really apart from try not to panic and practice what u have learned off YouTube and do simple stuff like taking off and moving forward and backwards and from side to side and landing and try and get use to how your drone handle’s and take a look at the NATS app it will show u if your safe to fly

Brilliant, thanks. Unfortunately its still pi**ing down here, hopefully the weekend will be better. I’ll try to remember to post how things went. I’m just about to charge all the batteries, update all the firmware and do the IMU calibration. I have a holder for my iPad so will be using that instead of a phone.

Thanks for the tip Mad Scientist, just ordered one, will be here tomorrow.

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