Fit like from Aberdeen (How are you from Aberdeen)

Hi Folks, Im from Aberdeen and new to this Drone flying. I bought the DJI Mavic Air Just over four weeks ago. My biggest problem has been the weather. Still it made me a saffer pilot reading other peoples forum posts. Turns out most horror stories are user mistakes. So I am learng from them.


Likewise, I am also new to this game. Bought the Spark and only had it a few weeks then they go and bring out the Mavic Air, which had a sensor problem, so waiting for my new one. Strong wnds and rain in the NE has meant that NO flying for me, but I used this time to read some of the advice, as well as buying goods from the FOR SALE section of this club. I must say the advice and help you get from this Drone Club is second to none. Helped me 100%. Thanks to Rich and the rest of the crew on here.
Fly safe

Welcome to forum mate.

Hi @Datadogie and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Alas, most of us are in the same boat these last couple of months - it’s been shocking!

I managed an hour yesterday, which was my first flight since 7th Jan :open_mouth:

Hopefully spring is just round the corner eh :slight_smile:

Could be worse, could be from Dundee… welcome aboard… weather is a bummer, patience…lol, i had a fairly night day on Friday… bit windy, but wind died down in the evening…