Fitting HDMI module

Hi Guy’s I fitted an HDMI module to my Phantom 4 pro, but I could not get the controller to link back up to the UAV?
Brought module off _bay , contacted the seller who advised me to roll back the firm ware to an earlier setting, not tried this do you think it may work?

Hmmm, wouldn’t have though so.

Forwards maybe, if you’re on an old firmware that doesn’t support the module.

I’ve got one on my Inspire remote (which is almost identical) works fine and I’m on ollldddd firmware.

So the controller won’t pair to the drone?

Hi Rich, just did what was in the video, and no joy. Put my old module back on everything back to normal? So I think I will be sending it back tomorrow.

I may have found the cause…


Compatible with: Phantom 3 Advanced, Professional and Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Advanced, Phantom 4 Pro


Are you a v2 ?

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May sound a daft question how to tell it’s a v2? Have checked paper work all it said it’s a 4 pro?

Sorry Jim, I don’t know enough about the P4 to answer that question…

A quick google found this (not watched it):

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Hi Rich , v2 all ready as it own screen, mine does not, so mine is a phantom 4 pro, not v2 .

Also there is difference in the controller. So will be sending the module back for a replacement. Thank you for your input.

That will be the Plus, the V2 also comes with a standard controller.

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