Is it me, or does this video flicker?

You’ve rendered at 48fps … is that also how you recorded it?

Yes 48fps 1/120 shutter iso 100.

I normally shoot in 48 and then slow to 24 in post as I’ve had some nice results from that.

This is straight out the drone, I just wondered if I’m seing things

I’m not certain - but I think this may be the issue …. most modern screens refresh @ 60fps, and with the speed of the constant downward movement of the trees, you may be getting a bit of a beat between the two. (It’s a reason I nearly always shoot/render @ 30 or 60fps.)

As an experiment, you could try speeding the video in edit by +25% (60/48 = 125%) and re-rendering @ 30 or 60fps. (Depending on which software you edit in - you may have to set up a 30, or 60, fps project initially to ensure frames are not lost in the process.)

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Many thanks I’ll try that tomorrow and report back. I’m using Davinci Resolve for editing btw.

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Cool - me too. So - set up a 60fps project - import - up the speed to 125% - and render @ 60fps …. would be the best to get the original frames to 60fps.

I’ll be interested to see if that’s the problem. :+1:

Ok… the 24 fps still seems to flicker, the 30 and 60 don’t…

This one is 24fps -

30 fps -

60 fps -

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That seems to fit what I was anticipating, then.
Really interesting.
Thanks for posting! :+1:

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