Flickering video

Any ideas on why if i point the camera down i get a flickering video, and if it at about 30 degrees its smooth. The speed is identical. The route is the same. Any suggestions

In such a scenario it would possibly be due to sunlight passing through the front props casting shadows into the field of view.



Is it a flicker on the video feedback or a twitchy camera?
Both can be known as flicker.

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Thanks for the suggetions .

Posting an example might help. :wink:


Will do later thanks


the pointing down footage is only about 15 sec from the beginning, any suggestions will be welcome

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I can’t notice any flickering? I keep rewatching :thinking:

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It seems that the footage in the first 15 secs cant keep up with the drone moving forward weather it is the change in contast or something. it seems to happen when the camera is pointing directly down

Couple of things to check, first and foremost how fast is your SD card (and is it a real one)

Secondly what FPS are you shooting at?

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the video is 4k, and I will check the card later, its a mavic 2 pro

and thanks


How many frames per second (FPS) ?


its at 30 fps , and it gets worse with colour grading

What colour profile is that your using mate?

Looks quite flat and washed out like Log footage.

Only Log on M2P is 10 bit H.265 Dlog M.

Is the footage flickering straight off the drone or only after you edit it?

The flickering looks like noise reduction going crazy.

The original MP used to havea similar issue when sharpness set to high.

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Especially with high FPS (why i asked)


shot in dlog, 265 , looks worse with colour grading
it could be be the frame rate,what would you suggest

I’m not seeing the flickering at all in the first, un-graded version, but I am on the graded version.

What are you viewing on when you see the flicker in the source? TV? Laptop?

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I think its jerky rather than flickering

any suggestions please

What I was seeing in the ungraded clip is completely different from the obvious stuttering in the second.

I had similar results trying to work with 10bit H.265 and could not get a smooth export.

What spec is your PC?

Have you worked with the 10bit footage successfully before?