Flight around Warton, Orton-on-the-Hill one summers evening

Trying out ‘Normal’ encoded at H.265 on my new AIR 2S.
Shot and rendered at 4K 60fps, looks really good on my big 4K TV but what you see depends on You Tube quality.
If visiting ‘The Big Meet’ then this was flown from the site where that event is being held. Hope the weather will be as good on the 3rd/4th July.
Enjoy, I tried to edit so it won’t be too boring, :smiley:

Shoutout to @notveryprettyboy for his ‘The Big Meet’ work :+1:


Good to get familiar with the area that we could be retrieving one or two drones from :grin:

Great video Steve - looks like a lovely place

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Thanks Howard
Looking forward to seeing you all there in a few weeks :+1:

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Me too Steve, we just need the weather we’ve been having the last few weeks

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nice steve, up here near filey to bloody hot now raining but i’ll get to fly my drone’s.