Flight history

Hi all is there a way of viewing all my flight history/routes etc? looked in DJI fly app can’t see anything there.

Yes. Is the simple answer.
Open App and click Profile.
Under your name click "more "

Hey Presto they are all there.
Link the account to AirData UAV and see them in all their glory.

Dji go 4 app on the app page top righthand flight records such as this

As mentioned … https://airdata.com/ is the real deal for this.

Even the free version provides you with superior navigation of your flights, in conjunction with FAR more in depth information on each one.



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I assume DJI’s Fly App (which is not their Go4 app) is suitably similar - though personally I’ve never seen the Fly app in use.

The fly app is for dji mini the dji go 4 is phantoms mavics inspire etc

OP says DJI fly app…I assumed it was the app he wanted


Also the DJI Mini 2, Mavic Air 2, as well as the Mavic Mini.

Thanks all worked a treat

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Syncing to Airdata is s good option, you can download the flight data as kml files which can be viewed in Google Earth, etc.

Another vote for Airdata, I started using it after seeing good recommendations from people on here, it’s really good.


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I don’t see that option?