Flight plan - Yarmouth 4th July 2020

Is anybody flying Yarmouth dunes today somebody has put a flight request in just wondering If I could tag along for some pointers ?

It’s not me, but I’m always up for a flight as I’m planning on doing a sunrise flight there Sunday morning.

I don’t know if I’ll be any help though. What drone have you got? :slight_smile:

Also, where do you see someone’s flight plan?

I have a dji air I like the dunes not a lot of people at moment https://dronescene.co.uk/

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Thanks for this. Very useful. Interesting it still shows Yarmouth airport as a risk even though it’s been shut now for over a year.

Currently for sale too if anyone is interested :joy:

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Happy to meet up one day next week if you’re free?

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I back to work next week mate what drone you got mate

Will have to make it a weekend fella

No worries. I can do weekends :+1:

I’ve got the Mavic Air 2 after just selling my Mavic Air.

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Cool any good ?

Seems to be. Haven’t had a chance to really get it out and flying just yet. Weather hasn’t been too great recently.

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I got out yesterday over the dunes at Yarmouth it amazes me how well the mavic air flys in the wind