Flight Planning

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Got a question for everyone. Is it just me or does anyone get back from a flight or flights and sit there and think to themselves 'cobblers, why didn’t I do it this way, why didn’t I take that shot? … I’ve been out about a dozen times now and learning a lot but every single time I get home and edit the video footage I sit there and think you know what a slow crane shot would have looked good there or something such like. Every single time, so frustrating.

Do you experienced videographers and photographers research the subject beforehand and plan the shots beforehand or just take untold minutes of this and that and then try to edit it into something good because that’s how I’m doing it now and I’m always thinking of good stuff I should have done but didn’t.

Bit of a ramble but its doin me noggin in :slight_smile:

I think you get better with experience/practice. Shoot loads and edit it down is the best way. You’ll get to learn what shots look good and which ones need more prep. It’s often the unexpected shot, the after thought, that turns out to be the best one.


I’m definitely not experienced but been shooting and editing down.

Similiar to what Lee said, I always over shoot, If I’m looking for 3minutes of footage I’ve probably got over an hours worth to cut down.

Always better to have too much than too little.

There’s also loads of videos on YT about getting the best cinematic footage on a drone which are useful to watch. I know some professional guys properly recon and know what they want their final video to look like even before arriving.

I’m just not that organised

I try to check all footage and photos while still on site and with a spare battery left!

I’ve gotten home too many times in the past and THEN realised that I had just missed a perfect shot or that there was something in the scene that I hadn’t noticed at the time.

My biggest problem is that I still think as a photographer and NOT a videographer and there’s such a big difference when you’re not used to shooting video.

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Just take 10-15 mins to look around and see what features interest you. Then take shots from overhead, different angles and different heights. You’re bound to get some good footage.

I use Google Earth, Google Maps and Dronescene to check my location before flying then make a list of shots I’m looking for. Once on location I’ll review my shot list and maybe change or add to it. I’ll often return to a location on another day for more footage though, maybe at different times of the day.


One thing I forgot to add to this was, as I’m often out at dawn, I also use the Photographers Ephemeris to check the location of the sun in relation to my subject - Photo Ephemeris

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I use photo pills app, for checking whole host of different things too.

Will check out that though.

Here’s the link to Photo Pills