Flight recording DJIFPV

I don’t always record my flights but the SD card is never removed unless DLing the footage. I flew 3 full batteries (24mins at least) yesterday right down to 1min left on my DJIFPV. I only recorded a few minutes of each really and in the DJIFLY app it shows I only flew a few mins. It’s this the norm?

Do you mean video recorded or the flight records ?

Flight record.

I don’t really record the video when i practice anymore.
I deffo didn’t get 1min out of the battery😂

Looks about right, have you attached the phone to the goggles and let DJIFLY sync all the flights? (it does take a while)

Yeah man, app connected to phone via cable. and HOME point updated before i take off. but the flight durations are way off. 3rd flight is at least 8mins out. Strange.

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