Flight Simulators which do you use?

I have Real Fight 8

LiftOff and Velocidrone.

DJI on my pc

DJI on pc.

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Liftoff, velocidrone and drl

I guess all you need is a controller that works with a sim. But it’s not a case of just getting the cheapest crappiest controller that works because if you do want to fly FPV it would be good to be be able to actually use it going forward too.

So what are your recommendations?

Moved your post to this thread on the subject. Easier to keep simulator questions all in one place.

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There are large controllers with lots of switches or small controllers with ‘enough’ swtches that mimic game controllers. Some support lots of protocols, some only one.
I have a Tango 2 and love it.

Context was lost after most was moved but I was asking for the most cost effective way to try fpv sims

Can I just use a rando bt controller with two analogue sticks?

You can use an xbox controller but that won’t give you a great experience due to both sticks being sprung to centre.

The sims will take any joystick as long as it can be installed as an input device.

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Which sim is free and best for fpv?

I’ve paid for all my sims I use:

Velocidrone and Lift Off.

There are some free ones but I haven’t tried any of them.

I use Jumper T-Lite Transmitter (4in1) with Liftoff it’s plug and play it’s like a game controller not to expensive.

So looks like I need to pay £50-£200 for a half decent transmitter? Sounds like I might be better off buying a TH2 combo…

FPV sims I use LiftOff (I was a Beta Tester), DRL, Freerider.

Fixed Wing sims, I started with Clearview which is free with lots of planes and flying fields. I also used PhoenixRC.

Transmitter wise I started with a Turnigy 9XR. On Clearview you connected the trainer port (PWM output) to the microphone socket of the PC. Then using a free utility this converted the PWM audio into joystick movements. PhoenixRC came with a USB dongle that connected to the trainer port of the radio. Unfortunately PhoenixRC is no more and the updates have disappeared from the net.

As for cheap radios to use with sims you can find some pretty sophisticated radios on eBay for very little money. Some of the programmable 35MHz radios were really well engineered but redundant these days due to the move to 2.4GHz. I’ve seen a 35MHz top of the line Futaba radio (over £1000 when new) sell for less than £10 on eBay.