Flight Test For New GVC Certificate Passed Today

Having done half of my PfCO up to the Covid crisis, I switched and did a refresher webinar for the new GVC certificate whilst on lockdown. Had my flight test today and passed, so am now a fully qualified commercial drone pilot (once I submit everything online to the CAA this week)!

Really chuffed. I had a great examiner and was really made to feel at ease. It was just lovely to be out in the fresh air and flying to be honest!


Congratulations Joe, that’s awesome news :clap:t4:

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Congrat’s :+1:

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Well Done Joe !

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Well done Joe I’m sure you are beaming ear to ear :grinning:

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Congrats Joe

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Congratulations Joe who did you do it with?

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Congratulations Joe

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Congratulations Joe - well done :+1:

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I did the initial training with Cambridge UAV and then moved to ProDrone at Ely. I found them really excellent.

Congratulations, don’t want to sound bad and I’m sure I will be corrected but i didnt think GVC was valid until EASA regs come in at the earliest 1st Nov 2020, until then you would still need a PfCO for commercial work ??

There is some confusion around the date and what that means. My understanding is that the November date is more about current PfCO holders.

Holders of a PfCO valid beyond November 2020, can operate under the terms of the permission, until their renewal date. Then apply to fly under an Operational Authorisation (replacing the PfCO) after November.

Also it is the A2 C of C which becomes valid from November 1st 2020.

The CAA are issuing Operational Authorisation to GVC holders now if you have qualified.

The Nov date is when CAA may take on regs of EASA which is A2 CofC and GVC, until then only PfCO valid until then in the UK.

If not then it’s cheaper to get a GVC than a PfCO but PfCO are still being advertised.

Like you say Joe, it’s very confusing.

My PfCO renewal was due in May, when I enquired about renewing I was told to do so as the other qualifications dont come in until we take on EASA regs in Nov 2020.

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My understanding is that neither the PfCO or the GVC is a license to fly. The CAA issue a “Standard Permission to Fly”. They are now taking a PfCO qualification or a GVC qualification certificate on their website as evidence to qualify you to be issued with a ‘Permission to Fly’. I don’t believe this is future dated if you apply from now to November with a GVC rather than a PfCO certificate. If it is, I’ll let you know when mine comes back!

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You’ve lost me!

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That’s because you will still be able to fly for another 2 years under your PfCO. On the next renewal you will be given a Permission to Fly which your PfCO will qualify you for. The PfCO will no longer exist.

The GVC I have or the PfCO you have will qualify you for the ‘Permission to Fly’ which will then be valid for 5 years.

No one really knows though, currently there is no OSC equivalent and as far as I know the only valid qualification is the pfco until Nov 2020, it may still get pushed back from then too.

Not heard of the permission to fly replacement.

Please prove us all wrong with your GVC Joe and keep us up to date when you get your Ops Man signed off

Kind regards Stuart

Bottom line (I think) is that under EASA there is no difference between a commercial and non commercial flight.

So as long you as have the cofc or gvc for the relevant category you can sell away.

As for my new mini, I can fly commercially with no tests or registration (again What I’m led to believe)

It must be true Mr MPW told me



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Hi @Joe,

Looks like you can use your GVC now according to @MrMPW

Good luck




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