Flight test



quick question about the PfCO flight test. My EXP and Sensitivity are set up for slow smooth turns and cinematic shots. Should I look to make it a bit more responsive for the test?


I wouldn’t .


Do you have to have it more responsive?


I think mine would be on Tripod mode if they would allow it Lee


Don’t you have to fly in att mode?


Atti isn’t an option on the MPZ (without mods) so I understand there are other manoeuvres. On my settings it can take a long distance to make a turn


Nope, I wouldn’t either :+1:t2:


@jimvfrmoto750 If you go along with a Mavic Pro that doesn’t fly atti , then you do your flight test in gps mode.


Still got my flight test to do and they said not a problem that I can’t put mine into ATTI but that I will just be asked to do more manoeuvres.

I will be keeping mine adjustments on Lee as that is how I would do a fly and it’s about testing your whole planning and not just about flying.


I would keep it as they are , it’s not timed so you can fly as fast as you like .
I did my pfco with a MP
We did the 45 degree accent and decent, the top hat , clock face and figure of 8 followed by a RTH.
Just use something as a marker I.e. centre point when flying so you start and finish in the same place and you will be fine. I used a fence post.

Hope that helps


The pfco course I’m on states the test I can expect to do requires the pilot to fly square tracks - clockwise and anti-clockwise . First with the camera continuously pointing into the square as you draw it out and then with the camera pointing out of the square.
3iC also recommend pilots buy an RC simulator to practice on so you get to the point where all your control inputs are instinctive - muscle memory.
So I purchased Aerofly RC7 . Trouble is - I got to like flying the model planes to the extent that I haven’t been practicing with any of the drones.