Flights at airport suspended after drone spotted flying near plane

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Over six million quids worth of counter-UAV hardware on site with a detection range of 50km - not a sniff of a drone.

Some random person spots one 3.5 miles away :roll_eyes:

“Enquiries are ongoing”


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Someone been messing with cia jeep doors :joy:

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The drone was spotted 3.5 miles away. I wonder what height landing aircraft are at when they are that far out? Must be well over 400ft?

It does redefine VLOS … the CAA should be advised. :laughing:

Police received a report of a drone seen flying near a plane in the Drumchapel area

Either that’s crap English, or the plane was at street level in Drumchapel. Again - the CAA should be advise. :laughing:


Ye definitely a vlos problem typical making a big thing about it :slightly_smiling_face:

5 molrs away…mmm couldnt be a typhoon jet guiding one in then ?. 3.5 miles? Did they say make of drone and if it had any scratches on the landing legs or if it had 249g on the side of it. Maybe it was a tello ? Or someone with floaters in his eyes…

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Simples, make a note of the registration number and trace the owner.:rofl::joy::rofl:

Fixed that for you Rich . . :wink:

Roughly about 1,600 feet.