Flooding at Snaith, Yorkshire


The one of the bridge / road disappearing into the water is an ‘end of the world’ type image … cracking captures of the devastation our recent weather has caused.

Jesus!, you have got it bad up there Brian.
love the second one with the suns reflection on the water.

I like you pictures but it’s sad for the people who’s homes are wrecked


My next door village !!!

Where was the call @Brian :wink:

Sorry Chris, I literally had enough battery for a quick flight and dash back home before.meeting ‘er indoors’ in Selby.

No worries , scary shit down there, I was watching the local village Facebook feeds last night, not seen it like that since 2000 or so, not as bad then though.

Luckily we away from it, if I flood the power station does too, and they built flood plains to stop that happening.

How many houses has that flooded ?

All batteries on charge, Ive got one more night shift to do then 7 days off. Hoping to get some flying in then. I’ll give you a heads up.

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Ruins houses then insurance co put all the premiums up just to kick the people in the bollocks when they have recovered

Heard the businesses down here don’t have flood insurance. But it’s stupidly expensive and they only 250m from the river.

No idea, the garage just beyond the bridge is under water as are all the cars and vans for sale. The railway line runs right next to the garage from left to right, the level crossing is just beyond the bridge… Submerged

Oh my goodness no one strike a match by that flooding FGS

The company i work for had 8 of our tankers down there, Last month they was down donny getting the water away from the railways.

real bad what’s going on down there,and i heard on the news last week i think, about 1.2 billion on a new super computer for long range weather forecast’s erm why not put 1.2 billion into the flood defence system?


wonder what would happen if one of those high voltage pylon cables fell into the water??? :grimacing: :grimacing: