Flowstate - Available on Plex

Looked into getting the Bluray, but £28 shipping from the states, but seems available on plex!


Not watched it yet, but might do later!

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I watched it last night. Was pretty good.

Hmm, might have to have another look at this Plex business. I have an “atom” PC knocking about somewhere but could never get Linux to play nice with most of the streaming services. :frowning:

Just login to windows :slight_smile: Available!

TBH my storage for plex is on the cloud… Electrics too much (and not got the solar to run a NAS 24/7! though that’s an idea…)

Bardwell scrubbed up a bit, lol!

Easy enough to cast from phone to TV.

You guys are missing the point. It’s not about the end result, it’s about the journey and the achievement. :laughing:

Thats why i have 5 raspberry pi’s. :grin:

Was quite good enjoyed it. Not the full 3 hours directors cut

Makes me jealous of all the places to fly esp. bandos in the states. Though a few more years of Tory rule should have a few more bandos

Some towns and cities are just a few broken windows away from being full fledged bando’s.

Actually skimmed the outskirts of liverpool a few months back and boy a lot boarded up there near the docks… loads of pubs, etc… thought… bandos! heh… Just wud never get the guts to do it, and tbh was sad to see :frowning:

Watched and enjoyed last night. Quite weird to see BotGrinder without his sweary head on. :rofl:

Talking of…“TBS Botgrinder Grinder”, ooh, I wonder what that is…of course it is! :roll_eyes: :laughing:

I think I can guess the herbs that’s intended for…

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Pretty sure thats a mint grinder for preparing your sunday lamb ‘joint’ Jez :laughing:

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I’ve been running Plex on Linux (Ubuntu) since 2014. It’s quite straight forward to setup, and easy to maintain. An Atom should be fine, but don’t expect streaming 4K without buffering, 1080p should be fine. Multiple streams at the same time would be a push. Unless you manage to shoehorn a dedicated graphics card in there :joy:

To install, this is a good set of instructions, regardless of what distro your using:

Then to upgrade whenever there’s a new release, use this from the command line:

sudo apt-get update -y
sudo apt-get install plexmediaserver -y

That said, I have spent the last 4 days moving across to a windows server, as my Dell PowerEdge T610 was way too thirsty at 220w :grimacing: I picked up a free HP Elite 8200 with i7-2600 and 8GB of ram off Freecycle. Chucked another 8GB in there, added my GTX 1600Ti graphics card to use hardware-accelerated streaming and installed my 7 NAS disks (47TB). Took 72 hours to copy all the data across. Happy to see the new server idles at under 35w and 65w under load :clap:

The driver for this is what @gunja99 mentioned. My new solar shed would be hard pushed to supply 220w 24/7, but 35w is no problem.

100% :+1:

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