Fly a drone anywhere in the World .......From your armchair at home

Could be an interesting experience.

But then the questions start…
How long do I get to fly.
How much will it cost per minute.
Do I own the full copyright to the video.


Only 13 locations at the moment. These locations will get footaged out in no time and you’ll merely own / end up with clips that lots of people have got already.

I’ve an even better idea!

Pay for all my flight, accommodation and other sundry ( :wink: ) travel expenses … and I’ll go and capture excellent footage from anywhere in the world you wish.
As a bonus - you get to keep the rights to the footage!
Any takers?

PS: I don’t do “budget”.


"You’re next mission (should you choose to accept it)… is…:grin:


Lots of people talk about getting a big house if they win the lottery/euromillions.
I would only need a 1 bed flat … for the rare times I’m actually in the UK and not travelling.
I so love travelling! New foods, new languages, new foods, new cultures, new foods, new sights, new foods, new drinks, new foods!
Camping to 5star! Done them all and love them equally.


yup, i’ll second that Dave !.
I have said to the Wife, bugger the old peoples wee smelling home.
Dump me on a cruise ship (and it’s cheaper that a home, £75 a day!) And i am sorted, see the world. go a shore when i want, medics on board 5 star food, drinks package, life sorted !!!.
Oh!, and permission to fly the drone ashore (most important) pretty please Captain?.

Bloody hell NO!!! Stuck with the same people and never get to see the countries you visit properly!

“Sea” looks pretty much the same anywhere!

Three months roving Italy last summer …

… and I could spend the rest of my life there and never see it all.

(Not that I WOULD spend the rest of my life there - a definite second home, tho.)

I’ve barely scratched the surface of what England has to offer, never mind the world :scream:

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Maybe i was a bit dreaming there Guys, I too have a lot more to see of the world, before the toes curl up.
I need to see: China, Japan,Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand…
Well that’s next year sorted !! LOL !

England I’ve covered pretty well and Wales not too badly but, as mentioned in another thread a month or two back, Scotland and Ireland (N and Rep of) not at all. (Other than Isle of Aran as a Uni student doing Geology field trips almost 2,500 weeks ago.)

Vietnam is an excellent place to visit

Having worked in Germany, Australia and New Zealand , I did most of my travelling in the 80s & 90s.
Shame there were no drones back then.


It’s got SCAM written all over it

This is along the same lines…
Very Remote Flight