Fly a MP in the rain

So looking on YouTube for flying a Mavic Pro in the rain and it seems entirely possible.
What’s the reason not to do it?

It’s not waterproof?

Motors aren’t a problem. The props and centrifugal force will disperse the rain, and they’re brushless motors.

The problem would be rain ingressing the battery button and the body of the MP … and in either location it would be difficult to know that it had happened and by how much.

Having recently had the body of my MP open, there’s damn all space in there, and any water (and subsequent condensation) would soon get to the circuitry with unpredictable, and possibly terminal, consequences.

Cover the air ducts behind the gimbal on the front?

Tape up the gaps around the battery?

Probably all you need to do?

Oh, and fit a tiny windscreen wiper to the camera lens :blush:

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Hmmm …. it gets pretty hot in there (transmitters). Wouldn’t NO ventilation be a problem?

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I fell in love with the Mavic Pro via YouTube but I’m realising not every piece of info is good advice.
Thanks guys I will wait for the dry weather.


Most videos of drones in the rain or being drowned by a hose are usually ones that “reviewers” get for free. I doubt they’d exist if they had to pay for them. :wink:

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I’d rather no ventilation than an impromptu water-cooled solution kicking in at 400ft :rofl:


I’d rather expensive components didn’t go into meltdown at 400 ft. :wink:
Things get hot enough in there when there’s good air flow!

Not sure that the fan sucks enough to make raindrops change direction from descending rapidly in the prop downdraught by that much.
Perhaps fine spray created by the props hitting drops would be the bigger problem?

Basically - flying in the rain isn’t a good idea, and one of our combined fears would be the end of an MP. Best not to try and find out who’s more correct. LOL