Fly away...almost

Had my second ever ‘near drone loss’ at the weekend, the first time was with my Parrot Disco, it flew off into the blue after a connection loss and must have caught a severe headwind on the way back after return-to-home kicked in as it was gone for about two heart pounding minutes, that’s a long time when you consider it cruises at about 40-50mph :grimacing:

So this weekend I was playing about with the Mavic mini and took it just up to about 120ft so it was well clear of trees but very quickly it got taken by the wind which surprised me as it’s proven to be amazing in the wind before and much better than I expected. Anyway, I did panic a little but I managed to turn the drone for home, flip it into sport mode but even then it wouldn’t come back, by this time I could no longer see it so I was flying by phone image only, I then dropped it as low as I could to still avoid obstacles and it slowly came back.
I did properly poop myself though, but I was pleased I didn’t lose reception, this message would have been written very differently if I had.
Think I’ll take better notice of UAV forecast in future :sweat_smile:


Well done on getting it back. I nearly lost my typhoon h a couple weeks ago. So know how it feels.

Well done for getting it back, on the other hand toilet paper is hard to come by these days…exercising butt clenching is always useful for such moments…:clown_face:

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today and yesterday I was flying and could not get gps lock , in an area I always have in the past. I only flew low and close to me . I =m just wodering whats going on.

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Strange that, the other day my Inspire couldn’t acquire more than 4…:thinking:

Well thinking about it now I can’t remember the usual “your home point has been updated” but usually it errors when there isn’t a good satellite fix right, you have to physically override it!?

Hmmm. I’m having gps issues…

Well done on getting your drone back, bet you were relieved :sweat_smile:

Thanks buddy, yes I was more than a little bit pleased.

It was low level practice for the rest of the day :grin:

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Pleased you got your mini back. Seems you did everything right. Good show, and … character building