Fly safe geo zones - Unlocking DJI Geo Zone

Hi all this is my first text

I have a DGI mini 2 and live near Manchester airport (5 miles) I am in restricted area due to that.

I want to fly drown in my back garden. I have used fly safe to add a restricted area polygon which has been excepted. I can not unlock the license on drone controller.

I try going to unlock geo zone / account unlocking licenses but there is nothing there to to unlock

I doing something wrong but not sure what, do I have to login to internet DJI site first?

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Hi Mark - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Are you sure you are in the FRZ as the restrictions are 5KM from the centre of the runway

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Hi Mark,

What area are you talking about, I live in Timperley so also not far from the Airport but I can fly locally

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I am in Wilmslow

My road is right at the edge of the Manchester Airport restriction area lines it is be 5 miles by road but lot closer direct could be in 2.5km

I have worked out how to upload my Geo zones to my drone the show when linked up to DGI fly

The drone will still not take off in my garden the propellers s stop seconds after trying to start
DGI fly Is telling me I am in Manchester restricted area

I don’t think you are allowed to take off at all(even if kept in the garden) at any height. Now the chances are you’ll get away with it, but all it takes is a neighbour complaining about the noise/privacy and you could be in trouble .


I have DHI mini2 drone under 249 games

I am a a Berliner but I can fly drone in almost any areas

I don’t won’t to fly in neighbours garden upset them. I just want to test flying

Drone saying I am in restricted area even though I am in unlocked accepted GEO zone the drone will not take off

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You can’t fly in that location unless you contact Manchester ATC


I am very new to drones

What is the point of me making application for GEO zones at DJI fly same and downloading them to my drone if I can not use them

I am just in Manchester Airport restriction but I through I could fly in area if I have applied for GEO zones

I am no where the planes

Thankfully DJI don’t regulate the airspace, CAA do.

Have a read of this @manchest1 - especially # 7


For once I am happy about DJI NFZ :scream:, call the number below



How did you get on with your request to ATC at Manchester Airport?