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Just a few minutes ago I received an email from my drone insurance company which states :

’ Should you be unfortunate enough to experience a claim after 30th November 2019 and you have not registered your drone, please be advised that your claim will be denied.’

Just be warned incase you’ve not registered and are expecting your insurance company to have your back!


Which company?

Its from FlyIcarus.


What if your drone is under 250g and doesn’t need registering? :man_shrugging:


Heres the bulk of the email :

As you are no doubt already aware, anyone owning a drone/UAV that weighs in excess of 250g must register it (and complete the online theory test) with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) by the 30th November 2019.

This can be achieved by visiting, completing the form and the theory test and paying the £9.00 registration fee.

Failure to register your drone could result in you being fined £1,000!

The FlyIcarus policy wording clearly states that you must abide by the Rules and Regulations of the country in which you are operating your drone. Eg. The CAA Dronecode.

Should you be unfortunate enough to experience a claim after 30th November 2019 and you have not registered your drone, please be advised that your claim will be denied.

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under 250g would appear to be ok from reading the email.

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I really wonder how much the terms of an insurance can be changed, legally, once issued?

You insure your new car and then a few weeks later they can say “but it won’t be insured if you park on the street in Manchester” … which is where your parents live. Don’t think so!


@FPVUK have stated that registration / markings are not a requirement for their PLI :+1:t2:



OK - that’s their catchall.


Which I suppose is fair enough right? Doing the right thing is what we’re about.

Still though a little subtle reminder for those holding out on registering. BMFA had advised its members that they could wait till the end of January. Could this mean that to some degree I would have been afforded cover between 30th Nov and the end of Jan 2020 had I parked my drone against a cliff face whilst not being already registered?..I wonder :thinking:

Its one for FI I guess.


I was wondering the same thing (even though I don’t have insurance with FlyIcarus). My FPVUK membership comes with the CAA exemption to register until Jan 31 2020 too. I’m sure it could be argued that these exemptions are abiding by the current rules and regulations.


Possibly, but you know what insurers are like, they’ll have a clause that’ll say they can change T&Cs whenever they like, do whatever they like, yada, yada :confused:


Id certainly agree with you here. You would like to think that being a member of an official body such FPVUK and BMFA would help you argue a case should one arise. Given all the advice theyve given out to their members I would have thought FlyIcarus would have that factored in.


All insuarnce companys are scammers beware ! I have multiple cars and bikes vans etc and I have just re-insured one of my bikes, its a Honda ST1300 touring bike known to be riden by sensible people and well priced to insure.
I bought it last November and insured it on the day I bought it for £128 3rd party fire and theft unlimited millage with 3 years no claims on this policy with Bennets.
When renewal was due I confirmed that I had now moved to a nicer area and instead of it being on the roadside it was now in a locked brick built garage security locks front and back all approved and a German shepard dog gaurding it ! they agreed the area I am now living and storage is much better, I also dropped the millage to 9,999 miles a year…renewal price £245 please sir ! what ? better area better storage and in a garage as well as lower millage and 4 years no claims bonus ??? so I rang them and put this to them and the answer was they could not change the price at all !

So I went online and put the same details in and got a quote for £78, not hard to decide I took out the policy there and then went through all the other bits and hey presto insured all for £78 which is a bit of differance to £245.
So Bennets seemed to have been overcharging ??? if ya dont think that is the con bit well my old company that wanted the £245 was Bennets and the new company I paid £78 to insure with is Bennets !


Car insurance is a pain so many people just accept the new quote from their existing company year on year. The companies are wise to this so are happy to bump UP the premiums for loyal customers.

Always a good idea to get several quotes at each renewal - even by going to your existing company and getting a quote as if you are a new customer. I first came across this early in my driving career when i was a student in Manchester, renewing a policy on my Austin A40!

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The AA are the same they do it every year but the RAC seem to be a little better, I think insurance companys in general are just out for what they can get.

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They could probably deny your claim but I think the ombdusman would overturn that ruling.

A bit like some car insurance policies state you must have an MOT.

If you have an accident with an expired MOT, insurance companies cant deny the claim on those grounds alone.

They have to prove the vehicle was unroadworthy and the defects directly caused the accident.

So I’m not sure how they could deny a claim simply as you havent registered.


I would have thought that given it is the law of the land then they would wriggle out of any claim by any means possible.

Insurance is the biggest scam going imho


Received the same email myself

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Only to be expected really?
If your not legal, they don’t want to know you, like driving a car without MOT, insurance etc.
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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