If PfCO approved and intending to carry out a roof inspection does anyone use flyers to inform the neighbours.
I’m looking to see how other people word that flyer with out making it sound dramatic and asking to many questions of you with the intent of stopping the flight.
Obviously Its better to speak in person but if no one is in you need to leave some information with them.
Any suggestions would be greatly received…

I would speak to each household in person. I don’t think putting fliers through letterboxes is sufficient due to the amount of junk fliers being pushed through doors so your could end up in the bin without being seen, which would put you on dodgy ground. Yes it’s a bit of leg work, but you can get actual “control” of the properties and allay any fears at the same time.


Yep, I agree with Steve, goes a long way to knock on doors and give the direct approach.
Pieces of paper do not really work through doors anymore, most find the recycle bin in minutes without even being read.
If you need any signs Barry, just go to the Members Only section and look at my Post “GADC Members Information Pack”
I have pre-made a load of different signs which maybe of use to PfCO pilots.

Hi Chris

I will be calling in person to speak with the neighbours that’s my first approach the flyers were incase they were out, I do know that two households nearby have family that work night shifts so dont want to be knocking them up. Buy your right the personal approach is always best. I will have a look at your signs in the members area that’s most helpful.

Hi Steve
my first approach will be in person I have some flyers mad up incase they are not available, theres a couple of houses that work nights so dont want to be knocking them up to early. Thanks for your input.

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I have done the knock on doors thing some are very interested and come and look some aren’t bothered but that opens another problem of people hanging around your safe fly zone but a polite word and most comply


Hi Mick
Thanks for the advice I thought it would be a mixed reaction.