Flying abroad


Just landed at paphos airport in Cyprus. Waiting in baggage reclaim and spotted a big banner headed ‘Are you a drone pilot’. It proceeded to give a concise list of do’s and dont’s, excellent stuff


Unless the Dos were “Go home!” and the Don’ts were “Don’t come to Paphos”, of course. :wink:

But that is good that they appreciate the need for the information.

Can you take a pic of the sign and post?


I moved this thread over to the Travel-Tips category, too. :wink:


It was things like vlos, fly only in daylight & good weather, 8km from airfields, max height 50m. I’ll try and get a picture on my way back




Don’t try and fly to Turkish side like this guy across the Nato line


Well, he has to be Europe’s biggest twat, from the videos I have seen of his exploits !