Flying at an event in Chelmsford (Race for Life)

Hi All,

I am at the Race for Life today in Chelmsford, what do you reckon i should do in terms of drone usage?

I will be flying normally, taking into consideration the drone code and not flying within 150m of crowds and keeping VLOS…

Should this be okay?

I haven’t checked to see if they is a NFZ but will be shortly. (Now checked, there isn’t from what I can see, the area is yellow on NATS)

Remember technically it’s 150m from crowds AND built up areas.

If your in a built up area, staying 150m away from crowds may not be enough.

I don’t know the area and you may have an open space to fly, was just something to be aware of as I imagine there will be a lot of police and security.

Sorry @Woolnut , bit late to this thread

Personally, I’d be sure to not hover directly over that amount of people, Sod’s law if something’s going to go wrong, it’ll go wrong while you’re 120m above a crowd of 200 runners!

Hover over something that isn’t alive :+1:

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So just got back from the event, for the most part had no issues at all until i flew a little closer to the action but nothing that i couldn’t handle. I was told that the land owner had banned the use of drones, which after flying for well over an hour I said “that’s fine” and run down my last battery.

I had a “pilot” come up to me and told me that was i was doing was “illegal”, i won’t go into how that conversation went :wink:

There wasn’t really huge crowds of people, more like a few hundred scattered around a large amount of room. I wouldn’t say that i pushed it, but at times i was around 350-400ft above the finish line, with about 1 person crossing a minute or so. From my interpretation of the drone code, i was fine. (others may disagree though)

Yeah i wasn’t overly close to anything, the only building near the site was the big house which was several hundred meters away from where i was, the crowds in my opinion were only a few hundred tops in close proximity. At times i was directly above people, but way way higher than “required” according to the drone code!