Flying at Calshot - Saturday 8th October, 4pm-ish

If anyone on here is interested, weather conditions and tide times are looking good for flying at Calshot shingle bank on Saturday afternoon.


A 560+ mile round trip for me, so I’ll pass :blush:

But thanks for sharing the invite to everyone Ray @Ricodad :smiley:

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I’d love to but away on holiday so will have to miss out☹️

Maybe next time. :slightly_smiling_face:

having my covid booster otherwise I would come

That’s unfortunate. Had mine two week ago. Maybe next time :slightly_smiling_face:

Fingers crossed I’m free. What time you thinking, around 4:00- 4:30?

Planning to be there around 4:00pm

Thanks for putting this out there … unable to make the meetup, but will keep my eyes and ears open for any other meetups, especially a bit nearer to Buckinghamshire.

You could always kick off your own meetup?

I can’t commit but at the moment I am hoping to be able to join you. I see you mention 4pm. Noted.
I think I’ve forgotten ow to fly :crazy_face:

I hope to see you there, if you can make it.

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My parents used to live over there but haven’t been in years. What’s good to film?

The general area is quite nice, plus you may see some shipping, in and out of Southampton.

There might have been a cricket match to fly out to tomorrow… but the Brambles match has been cancelled for 2022. :frowning:

I was planning on popping down for that. Have been every year since I had a drone - weather or other events (or Covid) have prevented that happening.

Brambles should be visible at low tide today. It is quite an excursion. :wink:

Cheers. I was surprised at the idea of flying over things like that and ships opens up a whole new avenue for me. I’m only in Salisbury so easy to get to.


As @Ricodad mentioned mainly shipping and a view across to the Isle of Wight! It’s a shame much of the surrounding area encroaches into the National Park territory as flying a drone is a no no expect for the BMF site at Beaulieu, but drones are still not allowed! :roll_eyes:

Don’t go too far out when you have Herring Gulls lurking about!! :scream: :joy:

Bramble has to be what just under 2 miles in a straight line from Calshot Spit?

Where do you launch from ?

Where would I …

Just 1.7 miles. :wink:

And the forecast is for a headwind out and tailwind back. :+1:

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