Flying at Dusk-low light

Well I tried a quick flight tonite and not very successful started with ND4 then put stock lens on it was just as bad set incandescent and managed to get a couple of pics and give up can anyone help me and let me know settings they use please


That’ll be because you set to incandescent. That’s for indoor, old-fashioned, light bulbs.

Looks clearer blue sky … which will be lighting everything with blue light.

Thanks but it was just black before I set that

Black is exposure, not white balance.

My recent night shots were with an M2Z, no filter, white balance set to cloudy, everything else is automatic.

And I’m looking forward to paying a visit to where you took those photos!

EV way too low? :thinking:

It was a bit of a rush to be honest can you tell me what settings should be please

Hi Just give me a shout will go with you if you don’t mind and give me a few tips never done dusk or low light before

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Looks like you had it on -3.0EV.

Ditch the filter, its ‘blocking’ light out before you even start.

Your ISO is also very low (100) for night time shots, try 400 or maybe a little higher and see if the results are any better.

You can cheat a bit and shoot in lighter conditions and make it look darker in post.

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Thanks for all your help me and photography well a lot to learn to say the least I’m just lucky at times to get some great shots but need to understand more regarding settings, always to eager to get in the air

Ps how does EV change or how do you change it?


You change it. Right wheel.

Ok thanks Dave think my controller is set up differently need to sit down and check out, but appreciate all help

You can change it in Go4, too.

You’ll find, that unless there’s a good reason, leaving white balance on “Cloudy” gives the best results. (Some prefer “Sunny” - but this is the UK …. :stuck_out_tongue: And there’s not a lot of difference.) I set mine on Cloudy a couple of years ago and not needed to change.

Thanks Dave that’s another tip cheers :+1:

One of the benefits of leaving white balance it in one of those two settings is that it tends to enhance sunrises/sunsets, too.

The only time I would consider changing white balance is if flying at night over where most of the ground/buildings are illuminated by artificial light - street lights, floodlights … and then there’s no magic setting for that. Sodium / mercury lights have very different needs and it’s more a case of manually changing colour temperature to get to close to what pleases you and then make final changes in post.

Even in those artificial light kind of scenarios, if it’s shot “Cloudy”, a lot can be compensated in post. And shot in Cloudy the oranges of Sodium can create atmosphere. Getting very subjective … :wink:

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Thanks again Dave all very informative lot to learn

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If you set good manual settings using nd4 but use AEB photo this uses up to 5 photos at different exposure levels then combine them using something like Aurora you will get awesome phots and be able to bring out the shadows

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That won’t correct the incorrect white balance.

Also is that the most straight forward advice to someone that’s evidently having a few issues with the basic settings?