Flying at Morden park

I had a lovely time today flying at the Morden Park flying field. The sun was out and the winds were light and, as (perhaps sadly)usual, no other flyers were present and I had the place to myself.

So I started flying and for the first time ascended to just over 100 feet. This actually gave me a sense of confidence which perhaps showed in that I also flew further out (though still in VLOS) than I had before.
I felt confident enough to spend time watching the video feed that resulted in better footage.

A couple of very friendly and interested people came over and I enjoyed explaining things to them when answering their questions.

Here is a video that I put together. It was shot in 4K and looks great on my iPad though I think YT down-scales it. There is no colour adjustment applied.

I hope you enjoy it



Nice one :+1:
I liked the music too, what’s it called?

Hi Ed,
Thanks very much for your reply.
The short answer to your question is that I don’t know. I use LumaFusion on my iPad Pro for video editing and it includes some royalty-free music in several genres. It describes itself as being a ‘Hollywood Trailer’

Not much help I’m afraid but it seemed to fit well with the footage I shot :slightly_smiling_face:


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Cheers. Luma Fusion is on my wish list for when I actually get around to using the camera properly. I’m just practising flying it at the moment. I’d like to get to the level where if a “situation” develops, my instinctive reaction will be the correct one rather than panic-flying straight into the seagull’s beak :dizzy_face::weary:

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Tip of the day @Ed-209, if you’re being harassed by birds, push the left stick straight up.

If you see/hear an incoming plane / heli / etc, push the left stick straight down.


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LumaFusion is £20 for iOS and while I am sure more high end products offer greater capabilities, I have been really impressed with the wealth of features in LF.
Also I like editing on my iPad in 4K :slightly_smiling_face:
I highly recommend it


K.I.S.S. – The simplest advice is often the best :+1:


Just paste the youtube link in the main post box and the video shows like below

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