Flying FPV without a spotter at own house

So from everything I’ve read up, using a whoop fpv indoors/ in your own home is fine - no CAA regulated airspace.

As soon as it goes outside, but on your own property (your front/back garden), what then? I assume it would still be classed as indoors of your property, until a certain height (2/3m?).

I was thinking of practising and opening the house windows and doors in summer and use the openings as practise, but I’m not sure about the legality of it.

But if it is legal, what is the legal height? Could I skim over the roof of the house?

stop over thinking it and just send it :+1:t2:

just make sure you tell Karen next door what your doing :ok_hand:t2:


Its a whoop, under 250g, so you can fly it in and out ok. You need a spotter outside, but if you point it towards a window, you can see the reflection of the whoop. So you are spotting yourself :wink: :+1: :grin:

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