Flying in Anglesey

Does anyone on here fly in Anglesey? I have done a few flights over there

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Did you have any issues with the RAF ?

They do not fly at weekends so far as I’m aware never in all my years going there have seen them, I use NATS Drone safe and register my flight either over Amwlch way or Penmon fab places never had an issue

Man. I’m working there in a couple of weeks for an hour or two. Was going to pop it up. But I get the jist the RAF practice there. Maybe I’ll find somewhere on the way back home.

During the week, yes could be anytime,there is a number you can call 01407 762241 ext 7288 also check pocket Notams, Drone Assist etc


There are two RAF airfields on Anglesey - Valley & Mona.

Mona is weekdays only, however Valley is home to a Search & Rescue outfit, so potentially helicopters could be operating at any time.

I’m not going to fly there. They’ll just get moody or try out anti drone tech.

I’m looking to pop down soon hopefully to get some footage for my next youtube vid, should be a good day out

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I’ll be there mid January with work. If you find a nice spot please share!

Will do mate! I’ve heard that Newborough beach is a stunner so I’m gonna try there first

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Last few times I have been there it’s always too windy Moelfre, Penmon, LLandona is a good strip Amlwch port etc enjoy it :+1: