Flying in Gibraltar

Gibraltar being heavily populated and everywhere is close to the airport means that drone flying is regulated. But it is possible to fly there. Flying a drone weighing between 250g and 20kg you will need to apply to the Gibraltar Department for Civil Aviation for Operator Registration (£324 a year) and Pilot Competency Certificate (£54 for three years) as neither UK nor EASA certifications are recognised. However, for a sub 250g drone neither of these are required, you just need to adhere to the UK drone code and have liability insurance.

Where you can fly though are only a few places over the sea. You can only fly over land for the take off and landing. All the websites I have seen say there are only four specific areas to fly from but the latest application form now lists five.

Everyone flying a drone in Gibraltar, whether it is above 250g or sub 250g, and whether it is commercial flight or recreational flight, must have an Aerial Work Permit for where they wish to fly.

The five areas where drone flights are allowed are:

Europa Point
Catalan Bay
Little Bay
Rosia Bay
Sandy Bay

The cost of Aerial Work Permits is £21.50 for each of these locations, so £107.50 to fly all of them. If you wish to renew the permits on expiry they then cost only £11 each.

Nowhere on the internet could I find out how long the Aerial Work Permits are valid for so I emailed Mr Chris Purkiss, Director for Civil Aviation in Gibraltar and received a speedy reply the same morning. He said the Aerial Work Permits are valid for as long as the proof of liability insurance you show on application.

Attached is the application form for all the permits:

20220714-Operator- Pilot- Aerial Work Permit Application Form.pdf (124.4 KB)

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