Flying in low temperatures

There are some great shots of snow scenes on here, what are the tricks for flying in temperatures below recomended levels?

It was only -2 or 3 yesterday when I went out, so not too bad.

I find the best is to:

  • keep batteries in an inside packet, as they chill quickly. The MP will complain if battery temperature is too low, but while it says don’t fly until the battery is warmed up it doesn’t seem to make much difference, though battery life will be shortened
  • the MP itself doesn’t seem fazed by the cold
  • on a warm battery straight from home I’ve had a 25 minute flight, up to 300 odd feet, no problems
  • the controller doesn’t seem bothered
  • keep your phone warm. I found this to be my biggest problem yesterday- iPhone batteries seem to deplete very quickly when cold, even in a pocket, especially with the very cold wind we’ve had. If you’re out for a long time, take some form of power bank

I was out for about a 6 hour walk yesterday, with 12 flights totalling about 34 minutes. I got through almost 2 MP batteries (but it was windy as well), and charged my phone once while I was walking a long

Oh, and after a bit of snow clearance, the frozen ground and flattened grass is good for take off/landing!


Ditto, too all of that. :+1:

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Exactly the same process works spot on…:grinning:

I bought a load of these hand warmers. LINK
Put 2 in case before heading out and keeps batteries and iPad mini warm for hours.

Once your done flying stick em in your gloves or pockets and give your hands a treat.

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Ha! Great tip @callum :+1:

On skiing holidays, I’m the duty glove warmer/de-froster. So my hands are OK. :stuck_out_tongue:
I find just tucking batteries into inside of jacket/fleece easiest … and no need to buy things beforehand.
At least the MP batteries are smaller than the P2 batteries! They were a huge pain in the arse! (No - that’s not where I kept them warm! :stuck_out_tongue: )


Resurrecting this thread…

We’re off to Helsinki for a long weekend in a couple of weeks, and I’m wondering whether to take the Mavic. We’re not going to have time to get much out of the city, certainly no Northern Lights or Lapland stuff, but it does look like there are still some interesting possibilities, and the Finnish drone laws seem amenable.

But, what about the cold? The weather is all over the place at the moment, but there have been daytime temps as low as -10C. The other drone forum seems very gung ho, but I know some of you have been to Iceland, skiing etc - what’s the lowest temps people have flown in?

As a field archer, out in all weathers, I find these very helpful:

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I took my Mavic Pro to Helsinki about a year or so ago when I went for along weekend.
great places to fly away from the centre, I flew near our hotel which was the “Hilton Helsinki Strand” which was right next to the waterside.
You definitely want to go to the island fortress its called “Suomenlinna”, or something like that !.I flew there unhindered, its a great place to fly, and has loads of areas to photograph.
Just follow the usual regs for flying with your drone.
Do not fly on any account, in the centre of Helsinki, YOU WILL GET DONE, it has a “No Drone Zone” !.
I flew there when it was quite warm, but just keep your batteries in a good quality Parka pocket for as long as you can.
I have flown in - 10, in Spitzbergen, and had no problem with my Mavic.

oh!, and definitely get some fingerless gloves, you will need them !.
I find the arthritis type the best.

Kaivopuisto Park in Helsinki, is also a great place aswell, great island to fly to and around.

I watched this video two days ago … seems that really cold weather does not really affect the drones too much … only the operators :smiley: :smiley:

Great tips Chris, that is definitely on our list, and thought it looked a good place to fly.

Thanks @opochka, I’ll watch the video

I am sure the Ferry (that leaves from the main waterfront of the town to the island) is free, I certainly do not remember paying anything ! (it also visits other islands).
I must confess if “her indoors” had not have been with me, I could have spent all day there flying.
There is also a WW2 submarine there as well on one of the series of islands it is built on.
The Fortress was the biggest manufacturer of high explosives in the northern hemisphere.
p.s. get the ferry early in the day, as it gets very busy.

DJI make a battery heater for the Inspire:

Surprised they don’t make one for the other models?

They did one for the phantom 3 too

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Looking to fly tomorrow afternoon/evening and noticed the temps could hit freezing during the day I think for the first time this year. Also first time I’m sure most people’s mini 3’s will have been exposed to such cold conditions. In this country anyway.

Checked the manual and noticed the mini 3’s operating temperature starts at -10c. A whole 10c lower than the mini 2’s 0c. So that’s reassuring. Maybe.

Still debating whether to chuck it up or not on the very first mega cold day of the year.


I flew my mini 2 down to -6 and it was fine. Hoping to get out tomorrow morning and see how the Mini 3 copes.

Chuck the batteries in your jacket pocket and chuck the drone up. All that will happen is less flight time, once flying the batteries will keep themslves nice and cosy. Mind the pics, or it didn’t happen :slight_smile: