Flying in Manchester

I have a DJI mini SE and I’m looking to fly it over the Macintosh Mills, Cambridge Street in Manchester and also Hotspur House on the same street M1 5GH.

On Drone scene it shows no restrictions but on Drone Assist it does. I believe the Class D filter is on the Drone Assist does anyone know how to take it off on Drone Assist?

I prefer using Drone assist as drone scene doesn’t seem to be an app for it

Just curious if it’s ok to fly over the Macintosh Mills and Hotspur house or not?

Has anyone flown over these 2 buildings above?

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Save the DroneScene webpage as a shortcut to your Home Screen , acts just like an app.

What’s more full support available here, from users and the people who write it


apps only bog down the performance of your phone anyways and not to mention the constant updates…

saving a webpage to your home screen as @milkmanchris suggests above is way better. will always be upto date and as its only a shortcut takes up mimimal storage space on your phone.

also drone scene has wayyyyyyy more functionality than drone assist like the ability to make real world estimates of distance from take off point to subject using the measuring tool or pins with locations to fly near by that other users have flown before. Personally I wouldn’t use anything else :+1:t2:

as for your original question maybe check out the members map and see what other pilots are close by and tag them in this post?

the only person I can think of who might know is @kvetner I believe he’s flown a fair amount around manchester and might be able to answer your question :+1:t2:


I’ve not flown over those specific buildings, but if there’s a safe take-off area nearby then I would.


Hi appreciate your reply, I just checked actually there’s no restrictions so all good to go :ok_hand: thanks again for your help.

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@Alkahest @GiraffartAirforce @ckenterprisesuk @Mask75 any thoughts on these locations?