Flying in Poole park, Dorset

I am new here in Poole Dorset, I have been flying drones since 2015, my question is where can I fly it here in Poole, I live near the Poole park, if that is okay to fly there, I have seen in dronsescene that it’s okay but in drone assist app it’s red zone so I am confused on whom to follow, I don’t want to get in trouble with police as I just got here and new to the country working for the NHS. Thanks

Welcome to GADC Nikko @N29

The drone assist app will have Class D airspace turned on by default (no idea why they do that).

As a drone operator you can safely ignore class d which is why Drone Scene has class d turned off by default. You have the option to turn it back on if you’re curious.

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@N29 Hi Nikko welcome to the club happy flying

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Thank you, most appreciated