Flying in Stafford

Hi all, I’ve been flying my drone for a while now with great enjoyment. I work abroad and have never had any issues whatsoever. However I’ve come home (I live in Stafford, Staffs) and with the weather being good I thought I’d do some flying locally. However to my amazement it appears the local council has banned drones in parks and public spaces and all council land. Is this legal as prior to this I’d flown my drone at Stafford Castle which is council run !!! So with this in mind where can I fly around the Staffordshire area without getting unwanted hassle !!! Any advice would be much appreciated :+1::+1::+1:

Posted several weeks ago: Is there anywhere to fly in Staffordshire

Stafford are anti-drone nazis, Cannock District Council are fine (Castle Ring’s OK, run by Cannock DC) , Walsall’s OK, Lichfield are no-no’s as well.

Top tip: do you look at the council’s website to find out if it’s ok to kick a football about in their park? No? Well, don’t bother looking to find out about drones either. Why would you?

You may well get approached, but at least you can plead ignorance and have had a nice day’s flying out of it first.

My local council has a policy against drone flying from their property. But I’ve flown from their parks on multiple occasions and never had any bother.

I regularly flew my drone in Westbridge Park in Stone, never had any issues but didn’t look for any signs either :grimacing:

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