Flying in the Highlands of Scotland?

The red zone over Crianlarich is a temporary flight restriction in effect as part of the COP26 restrictions but is only from 400ft to 10,000ft. There is nothing stopping you flying in this area under 400ft, but yes, you do have to look out for low flying military aircraft.


Hi, glad to find this community. Thought I would enjoy getting out and about for recreational use with a Mini 3 Pro under 250g. DJI software shows I can fly in my town, Drone Assist looks ok, just checked using the amazing Drone Scene map and found that pretty much the entire highlands of Scotland are restricted airspace.

Any advice/confirmation I have got this correct as a no-go zone legally or is it just high risk? The town is “Tain” on the right of this map

Hi @jiandrews

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I live in Tain within that restricted area. Drone Assist just shows it as high risk. Does that mean don’t fly?

Also, there is mention of the dio danger only being certain hours. Does that mean I can fly in the Tain area on Friday afternoon and weekends ok?

It looks like this MOD info on a site says that the Tain Air Weapons Range reverts to normal airspace for civilian use outside the operating hours of the AWR. So I can fly in that zone after 14:00 on a Friday afternoon and over the weekend. Checking for NOTAMS just in case?

You can fly if a NOTAM is not in place.

Some have limited hours.

However like any location a NOTAM could potentially change or pop up.

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