Flying Mini 2 in Serento Italy

Going to Serento in June. Booked it nearly 3 Years ago and finally we can go :partying_face:Qustion is, do you have to register your drone in Italy before you go? I ask because I,m a little confused as to the requirements for hobbiests to register thier Mini 2 in Italy. Some sites say you have to register and some say you dont; just keep below 70m, dont fly at night and stay away from people and private property. This is a quote from my web search:

'How do you register in Italy for drone operations? In Italy, all drone pilots must register as an operator in the ENAC approved D-Flight portal. Recreational pilots with drones weighing less than 250 grams are exempt.’*

Seems straight forward but other sites say you must register your drone as UK ID not valid in EU. I would like to stay legal… particularly in a country with armed police. :scream: Can anyone help? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I think it’s fine from what I can tell, but others may know more.

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@clinkadink :+1:t2:cheers for that. The link to the English version of ENAC was great. I’ve checked with airline and can carry the batteries either in the hold or as cabin baggage. Think I’ll use the latter :thinking: It rather vaguely says the drone must be marked to identify owner but doesn’t state with what exactly ie an official Op ID. I have my phone contact and CAA Op ID on mine but will trawl through the English version of ENAC to confirm this is enough (I know the UK Op isn’t valid for bigger drones but maybe ok for <250. Thanks again :ok_hand:t2:

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Some site designer has used copy/paste a few too many times. :rofl:

@OzoneVibe :smile: I noticed that and first thought it was the wrong link but it does go to the Italian info not the US. :shushing_face:

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As I say - some web developer copy/pasted the US page, with its heading meta-data, and change the contents to Italy.

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@OzoneVibe Absolutely. :ok_hand:t2:

If in doubt, ask your travel agent, if they don’t know they’ll find out.

@BeltandBraces yeh thanks. Got the info as I posted above on carrying the drone ok on plane but they had no idea about drone Italian Regs. @clinkadink’s link started me in the right direction but so far the ENAC ATM-05 Circular with the updated info can only be found written in Italian! This link gave a summary and includes a table with what the requirements are, which is virtually identicle to the one in the CAA Regs. Looks like I should register my drone on their Italian D-Flight portal and display it on the drone (My UK Op ID is not valid). :face_with_spiral_eyes: Its drivin me nuts! :rofl: but still looking into getting the official document in English as so far 3 different websites have given contradictory info. :nerd_face:

My understanding is that to fly in the EU, you will need to register your drone with the EASA, much like you do with the CAA here in the UK.
From what I can see, it is that D-Flight site to register on, but as you say - it’s not very easy to navigate!
Once you’ve done that for one EU country, you can then use it in any other EU member country without re-registering, which is handy.
This site has some handy guidance for flying in Italy. Apparently you will also need insurance to fly.
The DJI drone map seems to show it’s fine to fly around Sorrento - all you’ll need to do is find a quiet spot to launch!

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Look up EASA A1/A3 course in Ireland. Ireland are in EU so you can do an english online course, register your operator ID, andbthen you are good to go,.

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@Nabbit . Thanks for that. I have liability insurance for my drone but yet to find out if its valid outside the UK. :+1:t2:
@andyhiggs Brilliant idea, will check out the Ireland registering process. :ok_hand:t2:



Well what a palaver! Registered with the IAA and your given a personal MySRS account and IAA number. You also need a authenticator app for 2 step login process so downloaded app. Take the online free test (virtually identicle to the CAA’s) which is free but then you have to pay €30 for proof of training! Then you have to register as a UAS Operator and pay another €30 to get your Op Reg ID (you dont register the drone in EU, unless bigger then 250g, its you that has to be registered). This ID comes with its QR code that I printed and stuck on the ars of my mini 2. I also had to submit my Policy No of my liability insurance before they accepted my application. There is a further test required if not just flying in Open cat and/or drone is bigger than >250g etc, but I dont need it! I’m looking into a cross borders thing, which is mentioned in the Regs but I’m good to go as far as I’m concerned… although £50 lighter (rough conversion lol). :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Cheers Andy for a good steer :face_in_clouds: :clap:t2:

Glad you’re sorted! Bit if a pain yes, but woth it. Have fun and share somebgreat footage :grinning:

Will do cheers matey. :+1:t2:

Thanks -

Looking forward to my travels at the end of the month with my Irish registration.

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@clinkadink Hi Chris,was on EASA website and come across this passage for identifying your drone with the EU Op Reg No:

You will then be issued with a ‘drone operator registration number’ that needs to be displayed with a sticker on all the drones you own. You must also upload it into the ‘remote identification system’ of your drone(s).

I’ve stuck the QR Code on my drone but not sure about uploading it into the remote id system of the drone, any idea how to do this?

AFAIK, the remote id system is not live yet. It’s coming soon as we keep hearing.

FWIW I flew <250g in Italy last sept without issue. Only thing at the time I did was get a EASA A1/A3 cert from the German LBA.