Flying, or not, during COVID-19 restrictions

  • Should we still fly even away from people
  • No way until the LOCKDOWN is over

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That’s a difficult yes/no, imo.

If someone lives in the countryside and has open fields from their garden, firstly I hate them irrespective of drone flying (:wink: ) and secondly I don’t see an issue and it’s a Yes,
But if someone (like myself) has to drive somewhere to fly, then I think it’s a No.


:thinking: Must be talking about me then.
Thought my ears were burning


Question on BBC TV News lunchtime 24/03/2020 re “Could you go fishing somewhere remote on your own”. Answer given was NO.

The principal invoked being that it was not in the spirit of the restrictions and several other practical objections . Basically you stay at home end-of, unless you have a very good specific reason to go out within the suggested/allowed reasons. Flying a drone is not exercise although lugging an Inspire 2 in its case might be classed as such. Arguably flying could be good for mental health unless of course you crash it.

It was suggested in the same Q&A that travelling by car say to a park for a walk was OK provided the park enabled clear distancing i.e. not busy. If busy go home.

There will be those who will justify in their own mind whatever they decide. It is rather like being back at school in my day. Rules were then for all with no exceptions. Obviously not these days. However for me it doesn’t matter where you live you stop at home. If we are all to be in it together then we should all “suffer” together IMHO and set an example. I’m sure people seen flying drones would quickly become public pariahs whether deserved or not. Many places like reservoirs a particular favourite with drone flyers are being blocked off by United Utilities to keep people away. I’m grateful I have a garden to sit in even if I can’t fly in it. Others aren’t as lucky.



Yes I see where you are coming from. I have just got back into motorcycling and as much as I would love to, I will not be enjoying myself riding around all over the place with the possibility of catching and spreading the disease about the country. I am only going to the shop when absolutely necessary and have stopped going to work until otherwise directed.

I disagree. It depends on where you live.
I am one of the few people who can go outside and not come across a single sole all day long, no chance of spreading or catching any disease from anyone or someone else catching anything from me or anything I may have touched.
If you look me up on the members map you will probably get a mental image of me with gills, webbed hands and feet.

That’s why I chose to live at the edge of the world :smiley: no one around and I love it.
No living in a rabbit hutch down a street in a town/city full of other rabbit hutches for me
My head would explode :exploding_head:

So don’t tar everyone with the same brush.
Am I been irresponsible? Not in my situation that I know of.


There will be those who will justify in their own mind whatever they decide.

No tar or brush involved. just stating official policy. You interpret it how it suits you and good luck. I’ll stop in my rabbit hutch and try and keep away from the rabbits next door.

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Is this you?
If so, I’m extremely jealous :smile:
Cheers and Stay Safe
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


Under the latest Government guidelines, issued on 24th March, we are sensibly instructed to remain at home and socially distance ourselves from anyone outside our immediate household. There are essential exceptions, including going out to exercise (e.g. walking, running or cycling).
Would it be acceptable to take a brisk walk, say along the North Downs Way, whilst also flying a drone?
Any thoughts?

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I live close to a beach that is fairly quiet most of the time. The temptation to slip my Mavic Air and a couple of batteries in my backpack is high (and Dogzilla would like something to chase) but I haven’t tried it, despite the good weather.


Because it will only take one self-righteous pr1ck on the local Facebook page to whinge and I’ll be due a torrent of abuse. For all this country is supposed to be pulling together in times of crisis there still seems to be a major rift in society.

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I think you have another valid reason to be walking the beach - Dogzilla. I’m sure dog walking is one of the exemptions allowed.

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i go for a walk and take my drone with me. its exercise


As long as you sociably distance yourself (at least 6ft) from anyone nearby who isn’t a member of your family who you live with, then yes you can go flying. You are only supposed to go for ONE ex exercise per day. The problems began when idiots took to the beaches and mountains in their droves, thus destroying any social distancing.
The important thing is to try and prevent person to person transmission of the virus by socially distancing. The virus will then naturally die out if it can’t hop from person to person.

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Thanks Brian. I agree with you. As long as you fly responsibly you’ll already be adhering to the social distancing advice.
If the weather is like this tomorrow, I’ll be walking the North Downs Way between Merstham and Gatton Park, and back again, MP in tow.


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Is it really that hard to knock drone flying on the head for a few weeks?

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we live 30 seconds from open fields so took my son over there for his first drone lesson today nobody else around and got him off xbox for 1hr and in the sun too, better than sitting inside all day,nobody to catch or spread any germs too.


I agree Callum, if we want to really piss off Joe public more than they really are already, then, showing a little restraint at this time i believe that refraining from flying is the only way to keep the public from raring up at us.
Ok, if you are living out in the wilds of the countryside and you know there is no one around, and you are in a position to fly without bothering ANYBODY, but yourself, then it’s up to the individual.
Personally, I am not even venturing outside my property for any flying for the foreseeable future, until some form of restrictions are lifted.
Just my five penneth guys, not here to argue about it, just my personal feelings on things.


We already have that on our local village group.

Luckily I am 50m from open countryside, so can get out unseen relatively easily and not see a soul


I have a large, unused, field near me. It used to be known as Southampton Airport.