Flying our little 2" 3D printed quad in the woods

Flying in the woods… woods with very small trees.
Though thank god I had GPS when I hit one and was spun in a random direction!

(BTW, sound on…)


And today we got the bigger drones out for some fast flying at Harborough Rocks.

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Great looking location

Yes, pretty much ideal for simple fast cruising with your larger quads.

There’s a sign from the farmer saying climbing on the rocks is at your own risk, so not council or park owned (I suspect), it’s not an SSSI and there’s no houses within sight or hearing. Just a rather noisy factory.
Add to that the next bit along has a clay pigeon shoot, so I doubt noise is an issue.

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I had a quick check on the drone scene and google earth. Lovely area and we often visit Matlock/ Bakewell so I think a detour will be on the cards next time!

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