Flying over a reservoir

I fly a Mavic mini 249g drone and whilst flying over a reservoir was advised that the Water Co. responsibility did not permit overflying by drones.
When I queried this with their HQ they confirmed but would not advise on what legal basis except to attach a link to the Caa website.
There were no signs displayed advising drones were prohibited.
I’ve used the ‘good to go’ check and the area is not in a CAA no-fly zone.
Any thoughts on whether the Water Co. can legally stop me?

As long as you are not TOAL from their land and there are no local no fly bylaws then you should be good. They don’t own the airspace

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Not a chance

You asked the right questions, they couldn’t answer.

Always ask for the details of the legislation they are using to restrict flying


CAP 722C chapter 4 …4.3/4.3.1/4.3.2 says it all airspace is a state asset, landowners can refuse you TOLP but as long as you take of from public land and follow all the regulations…read the above regulations

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