Flying over water

When first got mavic was terrified to fly over water.

Recently been doing it more and more. Amazing how much you learn to trust it. If you went by all the horror stories you would never fly at all.

Cool reflection effect at around 2 minute mark


Love it! After the lift out of the ruins did you film that flying backwards or reverse it in post?

Love the drone reflection - nice touch. :+1:t2:

Reversed and speed increased to 150% in post. Like to see where I’m flying.

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Watched it twice on the laptop. then on the big screen … :+1:

I’m one for silent (drone) movies, too. So double :+1::+1:

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I’m the same usually. I normally watch them with volume down.

Need to have an other attempt at grading it. Tried to keep it cold and dark as that’s how it felt on the day.

Something just doesn’t seem right though.

Watched some old GoPro P2 video today. Bloody hell, the noise that gets recorded! BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! :stuck_out_tongue:


I missed the P2 days as was still flying (crashing) helicopters.

Watched a few videos of onboard racing drones and noise is insane.

Where is the music mate?? ! Apart from that alright. Thanks for sharing

That place looks like the most peaceful/silent place in the world … perfectly replicated with no music. :wink:


Did you stake those flags out? :slight_smile:

I still worry when over water. No idea why… I don’t crash while flying over land, no reason I should crash over water eh? But I still fly with the twin Getterbacks - just in case :wink:

Did you turn off the downward sensors for that flight @callum?

No idea how the flags got there, guessing someone swam out during the few days of summer.

I switched off landing protection. Everything else remained on.

This is still something I have yet to try, and I share your trepidation so I have been looking at other people’s water tests. I found this to be particularily helpful?


Quote from video “that made me nervous “ :see_no_evil: :joy: That made me nervous and it’s no even my Drone I was wincing every time he was lowering it toward the surface


What you need is one of these :grin:


Many DJI, and some other, drones use infrared as part of the Vertical Obstacle Avoidance system. The problem there is that water is not a good reflector of infrared light. This is why in the water in the picture below appears black in near infrared.



Is black a problem colour for the systems then? (It reminded me of issues with Robot vacuum cleaners that have ‘black’ issues)

Not quite. The water “appears” black in the near infrared spectrum because it absorbs rather than reflects at that wavelength. That’s why in the second picture you can’t see the bottom of the swimming pool as the infrared light has been absorbed before being able to reflect off the bottom of the pool.

Inversely the trees in the background appear bright white, even though in shadow, as chlorophyll is very reflective to infrared light.



I brought a set of these but have not yet tried them on water as I’m convinced that they would only work on a very, very calm pond (I brought them for some coastal flying but quickly realised they wouldn’t work too well on the sea potentially)… However, I might be doing some work along the grand union canal soon so will give them a try…


I’d be very careful with those there’s a video on YouTube I saw once that clearly indicates the high centre of gravity causes the drone to do a 180 degree flip then glug glug down it goes :upside_down_face: :woozy_face:

Lol… Trying to avoid the “wish my missus did the same” joke :rofl: but as for the drone, that’s what I figured too! Might work as insurance over water (ie, not to be tested but might bail me out in an emergency)…