Flying prep as a drone pilot

My question is pretty simple really, with the warmer longer day/nights fast approaching as a drone pilot/photographer in what way do you prep for the flying expoditions?

places to fly?
organise meetings?

just curious?

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I buy more props and charge my batteries…

Usually put a bag of baby wipes in the boot in case I need them too


Oh God, I wish. On the East Coast of Scotland it’s going to April/May before the weather calms down. Anyways, to answer your question.

Just bought a shoulder bag that can take all my Mavic Mini kit, spare blades, batteries, leg extenders etc. It’s a little roomier than the Flymore case.

I am working out how to Add Strobon/Cree lights at the moment, not sure about the tolerances where the heat vents are concerned and am a little cautious about obstructing these. Also toying with skinning my Mini but have yet to settle on a colour scheme.

Anywhere! We are off to Orkney for our Summer Hols and the Mini is definitely going with me. I am trying to plan a a ride out with a buddy during the year, he’s a Pfco certified and we would both love to take our drones with us for the ride. Maybe the NC500 again, maybe elsewhere. That ruddy huge red zone up the centre of the highlands has dampened my spirits somewhat, but we’ll see, we’ll see.

Organized Meetings?

Dunno about these. Did a couple of bike meet-ups a few years ago and didn’t much enjoy it. Anyway, I don’t think there are too many members up my neck of the woods.

I usually check the weather forecast and look for anything that might restrict my ability to fly (zones). Make sure all my batteries and the controller are fully charged. Check that I have the ability to charge in the car if I need to.

Oh, and I take my wind gauge with me these days, just in case I am unsure about the wind speed.

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Baby wipes? could be worse it could have been baby oil in the boot lol

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wow so you really get iinto the prep. i suppose living in an area which can be quite wild oppertunity doesnt knock very often to fly?

Sometimes you need to clean your hands in the middle of nowhere…

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fair enough sounds you are very well prepared on your outings

Well, at the moment it’s a real drag. Went out last Saturday all ready to fly and in the time it took me to get to my target site the wind picked up and turned into “Storm Brendan”. I had to settle for a nice drive and some photos of an archeological dig near where I live.

However, that was my first time at that site and if the weather had been right it would have been great fun, so I will be back to that site.

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so sounds like uve got plans in the offing to return back to the site to fly the landscape.

thats one of the problems i have where i live when the weather is bad you might as well no bother especially if im planning on heading over to the peak district.

not really a place to fly light drones

@mockingbird71 So do you think you will upgrade at a later stage to something a little heavier, or are you happy with your experiences with the Mini?

Here’s what I have now;

Safe To Fly

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No mate I fly the phantom 3 pro and love it ! Heavy enough and powerful enough to get through heavy weather ! But not like I’m seeing today and tonight. Im going to get a mini for the local stuff when im walking or dont need anything to be big and powerful to handle potential bad weather

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Yeah, sorry about that. I went and looked at your profile soon after and you had it there. Very nice. I think it’s the Phantom 4 Pro that my PfCO buddy has.

I have to admit I am very drawn to getting a Mavic Pro and have already been chatting with my PfCO buddy about the best options. There have been some great second hand combo deals FleaBay recently but these have mostly been for the Mavic Pro and not the Mavic Pro 2. I would also need to have a very good strategy for explaining all this in order to get the “OK” from home :face_with_monocle:

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Spending my time with Google maps identifying places to fly either near home or on holiday (Cornwall this year), figuring out suitable take-off sites and anything else I can fit into the same trips. Plus hoping to scout some NW meet-up locations when the weather improves.


lol oo that could be tricky ! unless your single and live your life footloose and fancy free lol

Theres a couple easy ways I know of. Cut a mini usb connected from a cable and a spot of glue on the LED to connector.

Or pester your partner for some of those tiny hair elastic bobble things (see the leg in that pic).

You might need to be careful you’re not shorting any pins by doing that mate :blush:

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Velco onto the top

don’t need downward facing strobes already got 4

Lol for sure, typo in there. Wouldn’t intend on cutting it while connected :smiley:

I meant after you’d cut it. You’d need to make sure none of the now-exposed and bare wires are touching each other :slight_smile:

Aha I’m with you!

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