Flying Scotsman visit to East Lancs Railway

Managed to capture the last trip of day for the Flying Scotsman on its visit to the East Lancs Railway, this is taken at Irwell Vale Station (the location for the recent Lloyds advert featuring the Scotsman)

My first real drone video I’ve taken other than playing around and I’m quite pleased with it!

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Hi @StephenM I’ve edited your post to get the nice one box preview window, to do this just add the YouTube link in a line of its own with no spaces.

No need to add it as a link like you did

Thanks @milkmanchris I realised after I posted it that I didn’t have the preview window and couldn’t figure out how to add it!

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I really like the draw backwards style you did in the beginning…

The only way I can get the dead straight line of flying and independently turning (yaw) with my Mini 2 is by pre-setting up an RTH. I have done this a few times and it’s nice to be able to operate the controls and know it will still follow a path… well I don’t know how to do it otherwise… or have the skill set to do it​:roll_eyes::grin::grin:

Give this a watch. Apologies if teaching to suck eggs. I think I have my yaw speed for cinematic settings even slower than what Ian has set, it just makes it look less, well, crap if you do need to yaw!

Thanks this is useful! I’m still learning and the yaw was quite jerky near the end as I needed to switch to sport mode to catch the train back up!

Just glad I stopped before hitting the slightly higher bushes :rofl:


Love that as an option then you only have to concentrate on the yaw rather than the flight… I did a couple of practice runs before it came past and then hoped for the best, turned out a lot better than I ever expected…

Will keep on practicing!

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yes it is…

you go also go up and down on the same trajectory too… I was sceptical but that worked too…

there is probably a way of doing this live but i don’t know how…